• Our main act of worship is our sung mass which takes place at 10.30am on Sunday mornings.


    Introduction to parish

    We are a Eucharistic community, meeting together to encounter God, praising Him for the blessings we daily receive and praying for the world He created and saved. A community that wishes to have a strong social life because we realise that each person is a gift from God and that we belong to one another as part of a whole – which is the body of Christ. As a community, we wish to communicate because we believe to have a message that is worth hearing and that it is essential for the sake of the Gospel that we have good tools for communication.

    We are a community that realises that it is a family: a family made up of different people from different age groups; a family is diminished if any particular group is missing or treated shabbily. So as a family, we care for and strive to meet the needs of our poorest and weakest members. We are a Church community that looks outward, that seeks to find and meet our Lord Jesus Christ in the locality in which we are set.

    We are a community that accepts responsibility to share in the work of Christ as each member is best able that each member of the community has some level of accountability to God and to the rest of the community as to how we use our gifts.


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